Job Specific Injury Prevention

WelCore Health has a strategic relationship agreement with Tailored Injury Prevention Prevention (TIPS) to provide programs tailored to job-site soft tissue injury prevention.

No two injuries, situation or job environments are alike. Tailored injury Prevention Solutions has created different program options to choose from. Onsite assessment of the specific needs of our clients are performed and based on this assessment, we can use one or more of our core programs or custom tailor a program to fit specific requirements. Some of our core programs are:

  • Posture and habit change
  • Lift and bend techniques
  • Avoiding upper body exertion
  • Job or task related positioning
  • Operating equipment
  • Individual machine and lever operations
  • Repetitive assembly line motions

Prices vary based on assessed needs.

Customized program may include:

Ergonomic Team Development: Our Injury Prevention Specialists work with safety teams to help assess higher risk jobs and create methods for improving job performance and reducing risk.

Focus Job-Specific Analysis and Training: After identifying areas of risk, we work with individual employees to effectively use new methods, techniques exercises and positions to reduce their risk of injury.

Body Mechanics Training: We reach your employees to use improved movement patterns, positioning, and reduced join force as they relate to their specific tasks and individual needs.

We work with you to tailor job specific injury prevention programs that reduce on the job injuries, increase productivity and morale, and return increased profits to your bottom line.

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