Dietician Services

Our on-site educational sessions cover topics on nutrition, chronic disease and other health related topics.

We perform metabolic rate testing which measures how many calories your body burns in a 24 hours period. This is very helpful for people trying to lose or maintain their healthy weight.

6 Week Meal Plan

The 6-week meal plan includes a 3-ring binder with over 170 pages including an easy 6 week plan of healthy meals with ready-made grocery lists geared towards the individual who is too busy to make anything. Recommended serving sizes for the meals are included helping you stay within a 1600-1800 calories per day. If an individual requires a higher caloric intake the plan can be tailored.

Grocery Store Tour

Wondering about your choices in the grocery store? This Monitoring What We Eat Program provides you with your own personal dietitian, assisting you in the grocery store of your choice. We will help you chose healthy foods and provide basic nutrition education along with tips on modifying your favorite recipes into healthier dishes.

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